EPIC updates

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‘I was so in love with that crib’

I was so in love with that crib and I had intended to keep it so my son or daughter could use it later. But I couldn’t see that crib anymore without having a horrible feeling.

Between your ears

But the man did not listen to that. He told the female colleagues of him who were around my age fell all have the same symptoms. All a burnout. So it was super logical that I also had a burnout. My response confirmed his diagnosis and as long as I wouldn’t accept that it was a burnout, I wouldn’t get better at all.

About vestibular migraine

We will gladly take you into the world of vestibular migraines. About the situations that provoke complaints, the complaints themselves and the impact it has.

An ode to you

This is an ode to you, an ode to everyone who has donated, shares our website and/or sends us a message. It is bizarre what is happening to us, in our immediate surroundings and with you.

All attempts to improve

In recent years we have both tried quite a few things to get better. One more successful than another. SPOILER: So far there was nothing what really made us better!

An ode to Powtoon

A blog of a totally different order. A blog about Powtoon. Powtoon is an online program that allows you to create a wonderful animated movie in a jiffy.

A day out of life

Paula takes you into how an average day goes, so her days can be worse or sometimes a little better. Read this story of a 31 year young mother.

The intake at Cognitive FX

The intake at Cognitive FX is finally there. It has taken a while. Here you can read all about how such a conversation is going and what impact this has on us.