Frequently Asked Questions
Where exactly are you going ?

The treatment of Cognitive FX takes place in Provo, Utah.

To get there it is customary to fly on Salt Lake City, this is 10 hours and 30 minutes from Amsterdam. From there it is still about an hour’s drive toCognitive FX.

Can we follow you on Social Media?

Yes and no.

We have created an Instagram account to provide you with the latest news about our preparations, the journey itself, the treatment and the results. You can follow this account here.

Agnes can be followed hereon Twitter.

In addition, we can be found on Instagram but we both have a protected account. This has a twofold purpose. First of all, as you can read, we suffer from the processing of stimuli. Partly because of this, we try to keep our Instagram low-key. In addition, we also want to respect the privacy of Paula’s children. Do you know us personally? Then of course you can always submit a follow request.

The only really good option (besides following on Instagram) to make sure you do not miss anything is to subscribe to our newsletter. You can do this very easily by leaving your email address below.

Why do you have your own website and don't you use donor sites?

Above all, we want to emphasize that donor sites offer a fantastic platform for people who, like us, often take the last hope to their family and friends to help them with a treatment or another important goal.

However, these donor sites do not run on air (Dutch saying) and therefore have to be paid. They often have a certain percentage per donation that is deducted to cover their own costs. We were shocked because of these percentages and think that setting up an own website is a lot more transparent.

With us you know for sure that almost 100% of your donation is used for the treatment. Why not 100%? All online payments (even if you purchase things online elsewhere) go through a payment site. They also incur costs. We use Mollie.com. A reliable partner in this area. Mollie.com will charge a fixed low amountper payment, depending on the payment method you choose.

What do you do when more than the target amount is donated?

First of all, we’ll be crying tears of joy! Because it means that not only we are getting our treatment but that we are also able to help fellow sufferers.

Agnes is in a Facebook group with fellow sufferers of people who also want to go to Cognitive FX. Everyone has their own violent story in terms of suffered brain damage. Not everyone is able (financially, mentally, physically) to set up a crowdfunding like this. So if we have money left after our treatment, we will make sure that it ends up with the people who would otherwise never have had the chance that we, thanks to your generous donations, have received.

What do you do if not enough money has been donated?

First of all, this obviously will not happen!

Secondly, we will then have to make a choice as to which of the two can receive the treatment and thus have a great chance of a new and fairly normal life. Can you help by filling in the poll below?

Ο When you grant PAULA this new life

Ο When you grant AGNES this new life

No, of course this is not working lol. If we go, then we go both. If there is not enough money being donated before the end date, we will postpone the treatment or try to borrow money.

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